Mandi + Bev

Hey friends!

This blog post is very special to me. I am so excited to share some precious images from my time with Mandi, Bev, and their two boys. I decided to do something a little different and let you hear about their family from Mandi. 

Bev and I have always wanted to have kids but after a traumatic miscarriage we didn’t think it was possible. Then we were told that same sex couples could foster. We looked into it and went through the very long process of becoming licensed foster parents. We received our first sibling group the same day. Two girls, we weren’t taking girls because we wanted boys but we said yes anyway. We had them through the weekend and fell in absolute love. When we gave them back I cried like a baby for an entire day. Then we got a call for a 3 year old boy, and three months later we got his 1 year old brother. I didn’t think it was possible to love any kid more than we did the girls but these boys stole our hearts and continue to do so one a daily basis. We are their mommas and the love that we all share could go up against any traditional family or any bio families. We have vowed to each other and will make that official in May and we have vowed to these little boys that for as long as we have them (hopefully forever) we will love them, protect them, provide for them and teach them how to be better people. Hopefully one day this blog can be an adoption announcement where we can show their faces until then you’ll just have to be curious.

So here are just a few images of our time together. I so wish that I could show you these absolutely precious faces but hopefully soon I will be able to! I'm so excited to witness Mandi + Bev say their vows in May. These two have all of the love and watching them with these boys totally melted my heart. Their love for each other and their family is unconditional and I'm very fortunate to know them. 

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