Despos Family Portraits

I love documenting the time I spend with one of my favorite families. On the outside, getting together with this group (like any family) might seem messy or loud and chaotic. But those are my favorite. On the outside, people tend to judge families on how well they "have it together". During a family session I notice people around staring or giving "the look" to other families if a child cries or laughs or does anything really. I notice people who stare at the parents, analyzing every move they make and their responses to their children. But when I see families that try so hard to look so perfect, I can't help but feel sad for them. They miss the moments that make a family what it is. While it may look like it's just some lady with a camera standing around taking pictures while kiddos are laughing and running and playing and the parents are totally ignoring them, I'm really capturing the moments like when a big sister sneaks a kiss to her little brother, a little brother who is usually avoiding his sister giving her a hug, a mom and dad who have the sweetest look while watching their kiddos have those moments. People often tell me that they love how "dark" or "real" my images look. I don't really understand that because life is sometimes dark and it's most always real. I don't want to portray life for something it's not. I want to embrace it for what it is. I don't want fake moments. I want real ones.