Mandi + Bev's Wedding Day

Mandi and Bev’s wedding was absolutely one for the books. I wish I could share every single photo but I’m limited on just what I can share with their two boys. Their adoption isn’t “final” so until then you guys will just have to trust me that these four have a bond that can never be broken. These boys definitely love their mommas and watching them give and receive the love that they deserve from these wonderful women is enough to make you completely fall in love with their family. Their day started getting ready as a family. This totally set the mood for the intimate ceremony and reception. Their day was celebrated by the people who were the closest to them. There was so much love around them that it was seriously contagious. Everything from the people that were there to the details that they had were absolutely incredible. 

I’ve obviously gone to many weddings. But I have never been to a wedding where I’ve had to completely hold back tears during the ceremony. The Pastor completely blew me away with his words of their relationship. He talked about the reason why we were there and what it takes to make a marriage and family and that Mandi and Bev already have a family and have endless love and sacrifice in their relationship. He spoke about the fact that the characteristics of their relationship make them already have a genuine marriage and that we were there to celebrate their future and the piece of paper that is a marriage certificate does not make your relationship a marriage. Your relationship is what makes a marriage. Mandi and Bev have a genuine marriage and the way they love each other is unending and selfless. I am so incredibly happy for these two brides and can’t wait to watch their family grow in the years to come. Cheers!